Turban Trend

There’s something elegant and exotic about wearing a turban. It creates an element of sophistication to any look. Today women are seen fashioning their turbans for all occasions including effortless street wear looks to red carpet events.  Referring back to the history of the turban, women and men have been wearing them since the 17th century. However, in the early 20th century it was fashion designer Paul Poiret who presented the turban into the western fashion scene.  We have seen the turban trend reoccur continuously since.
What I love about the turban is that it is so easy to put together yet creates such a strong statement. Either use a scarf or a strip of fabric, wrap it around your head a couple of times, tie a knot and finally tuck in ends and you’re done! Today, you can find affordable turbans in all sorts of fabric, allowing you to move the trend between seasons. I have styled some looks based around the turban trend below for you to reference.

I particularly love to style the same coloured turban and dress, especially for a formal occasion. You can introduce other colours through your accessories. I have done this in my below look. However,  in saying this, I do love how effortlessly cool a patterned turban can add to a casual look. The clash can add a lot of edge.