The Union Jack Is Back

Today we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday and over the past week we have commemorated the Queen’s Jubilee. What better way to acknowledge this special time than to embrace the Union Jack’s impact on fashion today. The Union Jack has become more than a symbol of representing the union of different countries but has become a symbol saturating accessories, tee shirts, jeans, leggings etc. Wearing this symbol adds so much edge to an outfit. I am not sure if it is the strong colour combinations or what the symbol represents.
Today I have styled a fun look paying tribute to the Queen and her Commonwealth. I will take any opportunity to dress up in a theme. You might recognise the scarf and bag from my Dusty Petals Shop look 1 that sold out. I hope all of those people who purchased the items are wearing them proudly today.
At the bottom of this post I’ve styled some looks using the ‘Union Jack’ for you to draw inspiration from. I have also included some of the Queen’s most memorable fashion moments.
 The Queen’s Fashionable Moments
Queen images courtesy of Google Images
Have a great week!