Textured Textiles

 Fashion is known for going around in circles and that may be the case, however the innovation and development has always stemmed from the textiles used. It is these textiles that enable designers to set their collections apart from others. Often a signature design can be repeated collection after collection however with textile changes. An example of this would be the traditional ‘Chanel’ jacket. We have seen the design repeated over the years but with different textures, materials and colours.
 The design of fabric/textiles today are incredible and can be seen as a piece of art.  My mother always encouraged me from a young age to take the time to look and hold fabrics and appreciate the amazing work involved. I remember fabric shopping with her and listening to how excited she would get as she discovered the incredible and intricate workmanship and design of different textiles. In fact she would often buy a swatch of fabric she loved and go home and investigate how the fabric was made.

 Today designers are so adventurous and creative with their fabrics. With the combination of rich and layered texture along with bold geometric prints, fashion has been taken to a new level. I love to combine different textured fabrics when dressing.  I did so in my below look.  I love the clash and contrast of the three pieces teamed together.

 I have styled some rich textured looks below my look for you to reference.  Due to the quality and unique fabrics you often have to spend more money, but they are worth every penny. Dare to combine different textured fabrics in your looks. It’s particularly fun to do during winter because it allows you to layer thick over thin fabrics and you can always add some amazing fur to your looks.