It started with a bag…

Hi everyone! Sometimes I draw inspiration for my looks from an accessory. It may be sunglasses, a necklace, hat, shoes or in this case a bag. Often we begin styling an outfit with an item of clothing, however using an accessory to build a look enables you to combine pieces you may not have considered. I bought this adorable owl bag from Portobello Market in London last year during London Fashion Week.  I was drawn not only by how incredibly cute it is, but also by the combination of textiles used and the overall construction resembling the features of an owl. I think a statement bag can not only tie elements of your outfit together but also can add an element of surprise and unpredictability.

I don’t think I would have considered my look below without being inspired by the owl bag. I drew inspiration from the textures in the bag and subtly combined them in my look. Examples of this below include the metallic lace, a fluffy rose skirt and sequin snakeskin jacket. I know that sounds like a mess but it i think it created an interesting look.

   Below I have styled some looks for you. Like I said above I took inspiration from the bag first and then built the look around it.

 I also wanted to introduce you to an eccentric, fun and quirky accessory label Braccialini. Italian designer Carla Braccialini creates a playful range of bags that really are a work of art. I encourage you to navigate through her range and appreciate the workmanship and creativity behind each and every item.

Way back on Dusty Petals I posted ‘It all started with a shoe’ where I drew inspiration from a shoe. Check it out here.

Appliqu Striped Tank Top
Coast Tomoko Culottes

Critter-cal Mass Bag in Fox
Motel Leda Turtleneck Crop in Ivory
Cynthia Rowley Paneled midi skirt
L.A.M.B Jessie Heel

Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger
Shoe Cult Cage Match Pump – Poppy

Follow Me Bag
FLower Express Bag
Maccinina Bag
Violino Bag
Diligenza Bag
Cabina Bag

Above Inspirational Pics Courtesy of Popsugar  & Google Images