Inspired By Japanese Street Style

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you one of my favourite sources of inspiration; Japanese street style. To some, it might seem a little whacky but to me it shows innovation, joy, creativity and imagination. The style displayed on the streets of Tokyo demonstrates fearless self expression. It shows that they’re not afraid of holding onto their youth through their style and embracing who they are. Fashion trends in Japan seem to be set by the wearer which to me is so exciting.
On the top of my bucket list sits a trip to Japan to experience first hand the fashion scene on the streets. Harajuku is an area of Tokyo which was once a fashion destination for teenagers to parade confidently in their self expressed, on trend attire. Author and photographer Shoichi Aoki documents through photographs in his book ‘Fresh Fruits’ the quirky fashion scene in Harajuku. When questioning the fashionistas & fashionmistas he photographed on what they were wearing he was surprised to hear that they were not wearing the original brand items. In most cases they had customised and modified the original cut and look of the designer label to suit their desire. It was this that inspired him to put together his this book to share the emerging trends of Japanese fashion. I have Aoki’s book Fresh Fruits and often look to it for inspiraiton and to remind myself to stay true to my style and dress for myself, my pleasure and not for anyone else.
I felt inspired to put together the colourful and quirky look below. I know it won’t be everyones cup of tea but to me, it makes me feel happy and vivacious. I have sourced some fun Japanese products for you below from popular Japanese labels. I encourage you to click on the links and navigate through their websites and experience these brands.
Images Courtesy of Tokyo Faces
Images Courtesy of Tokyo Faces
Harajuku Street Style Images courtesy of Google Images
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