Get The Great Gatsby Look

It has been hard to miss the buzz surrounding Baz Luhrmann’s film ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Together with Luhrmann’s talented wife, Catherine Martin who has been production designer of all of his films, they recreated the roaring 20′s with an almost fantasy like feel. Both men and women are taking inspiration from the film and applying it to their wardrobe.
The 1920′s is a decade that I have always been fascinated with. In fact, I had a 1920′s themed 21st Birthday party and designed a dress that my mother made. I am wearing it in my look below. It was an experience I will never forget and mum and I are both so proud of how the dress turned out.
I have also put together some fun Great Gatsby inspired looks for you below. It is such an indulgent and glamorous period where too much was never an issue. You could drape yourself in jewels and embellished clothing and let’s not forget the incredible headwear.
At the bottom of this post I have styled a complete ‘Gatsby’ look that you can source from Highpoint Shopping Centre.

          Get the Great Gatsby look at Highpoint
‘The Great Gatsby’ images courtesy of Google Images
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