Dressing For Love

Hi everyone! Well it’s almost that time of year again to celebrate how much you love that special someone in your life,Valentine’s Day. It’s also an excuse to dress up flirty and sexy. I’m very traditional on this day and like to include the colour red in my Valentine’s Day look. I also like the idea of celebrating your Valentine by wearing something they have bought for you or even adding a personalised piece of jewellery or locket with their picture in it. You can see below in my look I have a cute charm bracelet with the name ‘Dusty’ on it.
I have styled a variety of Valentine’s Day looks for you below. I have considered the different activities you may have planned on this special day when styling these looks; whether it be a night out bowling, a restaurant date, a movie night or a weekend away.
Also, check out some fun and quirky Valentine’s Day gift ideas I have selected below.
Sending out a special Happy Birthday on Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous best friend Katrina!
Happy Valentine’s Day!