Corporate In Cropped Trousers

Hi everyone! Whilst wandering through the CBD during the week, I noticed a mix of dull and mundane fashion worn by some working women. I understand that certain professions have strict dress codes but for those who don’t, I say add a bit of colour and excitement to your work look.
I believe that colours and prints shouldn’t be avoided in the workplace. I also feel it is very important to wear an appropriate fit and length. Try not to go for skin tight skirts/dresses, save them for the weekend.  The fit of your work outfit is essential. Most importantly, do not expose too much cleavage…to many men’s dismay. Leave your girls hidden until maybe Friday night drinks…I thought I’d share with you an easy way to jazz up a work outfit and that is with ‘printed cropped trousers/capris.’ Worn with a blouse tucked in and fitted coat or jacket, this look can make quite the statement. I have styled a corporate look below including my new Topshop spotted trousers with two different jacket options. The black being a more conservative look and the orange cardigan creating a more preppy and slightly more casual look.

I have presented some ways of styling cropped trousers for work at the bottom of this post. I hope they inspire you to add a bit of pizazz to your work look.


Thanks for reading!!!