Bring on the 60′s!

If I could jump into a fashion time machine I would set it to back to the 1960′s. Fortunately designers are still taking inspiration from this decade.  In the early 60′s the shape of clothes was dominated by expensive haute couture garments but soon transformed and became influenced by the emerging London pop scene. Musical taste had a strong influence on fashion styles. One of these styles being the ‘mod look’ which introduced the popular simple geometric silhouettes of the era which has made a comeback today.
I always relate the amazing style icon ‘Twiggy’ when referring to the perfect 60′s fashion image.  The world warmed to Twiggy’s large eyes, long lashes, short hair and thin almost lanky build. Twiggy remains a huge inspiration to me when styling and designing. I have included some amazing sixties looks modelled by Twiggy at the bottom of this post.
In this post I am wearing a cute 1960′s inspired dress from an amazing online shop called Oasap.  I fell in love with the simple shape of the dress, the daisy eyelet lace and of course the sweet little collar.
Oasap have an amazing selection of affordable key trend fashion pieces. I have selected some other 1960 inspired dresses that Oasap have available for purchase online. I have referenced them below.
I encourage you to all take a step back in time and revisit the 1960′s. It’s a great trend to take on while we juggle between the Autumn/Winter seasons. You can add an opaque or coloured tight to your mod dress and layer with a cropped jacket.
Thanks for reading!